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Special letter UAV Signal Jammer Signal Jammer factory direct sale

Title:Special letter UAV Signal Jammer Signal Jammer factory direct sale


Classification:Garage GPS Shield

Description: In recent years, the market of UAV has been growing rapidly With the large-scale R & D and production of fa


  In recent years, the market of UAV has been growing rapidly. With the large-scale R & D and production of factories, such as Xinjiang, extreme flying, zero degree intelligence control and so on, the commercial UAV is very cost-effective and has become more and more popular. However, domestic supervision of UAVs, especially the "black fly" UAV, is still in a blank state. The proportion of the UAV flying in the air is about 90%, which poses a great danger to air surveillance and air safety.

In the second half of 2016, hundreds of accidents occurred in the "black flying" UAV, which occurred in the second half of 2016, such as the forced stopping of flights, the fall of large activities, and so on. Recently, there are Canadian flights and Ningbo Hefei high speed hurting people. We can see that the HF UAV has hidden a lot of security risks. In the face of the blank supervision of the UAV, only strong counter measures are taken to ensure the safety of the air.

As an excellent security equipment supplier, special letter communication is the independent research and development of unmanned aerial vehicle jammer. The device can interfere with all GNSS satellite positioning signals, including: GPS/ Beidou / Gore / Galileo, and can also interfere with the common ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G frequency bands of unmanned aerial vehicles, forcing unmanned aerial vehicle to be remote. Control, map location, signal interruption to achieve the purpose of landing / returning / hovering. Special communications has independently researched and developed UAV jammers, with strong functions and long interference distance, which can reach 1-5 km.

The Shenzhen special letter Electronics Co., Ltd. has interfered and shielded the GPS satellite positioning signal, and can also interfere and shield the 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands commonly used in UAV, forcing the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote control, map location and signal interruption to reach the effect of the uncontrolled landing / hover / hover.

1. Scope

This standard specifies the technical requirements and test methods of the portable UAV jamming interceptor (hereinafter referred to as interceptor).

This standard is applicable to portable UAV jamming interceptor products.

Two. Product model

Tx-wrj01 (box type) tx-wrj02 (knapsack) tx-wrj03 (Qiang type)

Three. Product description

The interceptor uses 3 types of portable rifle type, which mainly controls the unmanned aerial vehicle or flight mode under the flight state, cut off the connection between the unmanned aerial vehicle and the remote control. The interceptor can force the UAV to be forced to fall or return to the unmanned aerial vehicle by the interceptor, so as to ensure the low space airspace safety in the area.

Four, product function

1, cut off all connections between UAVs and controllers: UAV remote control is out of order.

2, UAV Ground Control can not receive aerial photos and videos.

3, UAVs cannot be positioned; interceptors can force UAVs to land or return.

Five. The weight and size of the host

1, host weight: less than 13 kg (including built-in battery);

2, mainframe size: long 37cm, wide 30cm, high 19cm;

3. The back of the host design

The effective control distance for UAV targets is 1000-5000 meters. Built in lithium battery for 120 minutes.

The general measurement of the weight and size of the host is measured. Host appearance mode detection interceptor effective control distance

Six, test methods can be tested in two ways:

1, actual wide area outfield testing maximum control distance (if there are space test conditions).

The actual maximum intercept distance for the target UAV is tested.

2, the maximum control distance of the equivalent test

The equivalent calculation formula of the maximum control distance of Interceptor: the theoretical distance of the unmanned aerial vehicle (unmanned aerial vehicle) (the control distance of the interceptor field actual test / the actual remote control distance of the UAV);

3, UAV remote control failure, unable to locate (GPS/ Beidou /GLONASS), map transmission failure.

The unmanned aerial vehicle intercepting system (portable) is a high power unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intercepting equipment developed by Shenzhen special letter Electronics Co., Ltd., which interferes with the frequency band of UAV in the frequency band, interferes with the transmission of the frequency signal on the downlink, makes the remote control failure, the image and video can not be returned, forcing the unmanned aerial vehicle in the air disk. Turn and land, completely cut off the contact between the unmanned aerial vehicle and the remote control or ground station, especially for the prison, the detention house, the detoxification Institute, the secrecy institution and the use of the army.

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