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Focused on the development of cell phone signal amplifiers more than10 years

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    Shenzhen Texin Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, sales, and technical services of high-tech communication and electronic products. At present, the company's main products are cell phone signal shields, GPS shields, cell phone signal amplifiers and other products. All the company's products have their own intellectual property rights, mobile phone signal amplifiers are widely used in the basement, hotels, elevators and some no signal of the blind area, mobile phone signal shielding device used in conference rooms, auditoriums, courts, libraries, examination rooms, schools, theaters, hospitals; And gas stations, filling stations, oil fields, oil depots; government, military, financial, securities, prisons, public security or command centers, and all other places that prohibit the use of mobile phones and many areas, GPS screens for personal vehicles, anti-position tracking products stable Reliable, has been widely recognized by users. Tel: 0755-83247232 Hand Machine: 13537825155