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How do you look at the cellphone signal in the classroom

2018-07-05 15:39:45

How do you look at the cellphone signal in the classroom

Host: student reporter Ma Wanxing

Recently, the Institute of animal science and technology of Yangzhou University investigated the use of mobile phones for college students, and found that nearly 80% college students have the phenomenon of playing mobile phones in class, among which the majority of the Internet chat and social networking sites are visited. In view of this situation, the college installed the mobile phone signal shield into the classroom this year.

("Yangzhou Evening News")

Mobile phone dependence seems to be a common problem for college students. The use of cell phone signal shields is designed to improve the phenomenon by compulsive constraints, but there are also students who question, in case of emergency, the phone can't go out and there is a hidden danger. How do students in the city enter the classroom with mobile phone signal shielding devices?

Xiao Xia, Tianjin University of Sport

The school rules should highlight the humanistic care

I think it is not wise for a university in Yangzhou to screen students' mobile phone signals during class. First, as a modern communication equipment, mobile phone can make it convenient for students to get in touch with others at any time, especially in some special emergency situations. Moreover, the mobile phone can receive network resources through satellite signals as a network transmission terminal, which will undoubtedly play a role in promoting the free and open teaching environment in Colleges and universities. Of course, the cell phone is a double-edged sword in the college class. The school should actively participate in the management and give students the correct guidance. In this way, the humanistic care of the universities can be highlighted.

Tan Zhizhi, Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Signal shielding

I oppose Yangzhou University's installation of mobile phone signal shield. First, the students are playing mobile phones because they are not interested in the content of the class. The school installs the cell phone signal shield, which prevents the students from playing the mobile phone, but can't stop the students' floating thoughts. Secondly, the compulsory behavior of the school will cause the students to resist. From the news reports, the students have taken out the shield power, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the prestige of the school; in addition, this kind of coercion will give students a boycott and thus more repel the course. To sum up, I think the school should start from the essence of the fact, understand the interest of the students, perfect the teaching mode, and fundamentally solve the problem of playing mobile phone for students in class.

Liu Yang, Tianjin Commercial University

"Thinning" is more important than "plugging"

The school takes this measure, starting point is to improve the efficiency of students' attendance, rigorous style of study. But simply using "blocking" method can not play a fundamental role. If students do not want to listen to lectures and block cell phone signals, they can still read novels and play games with their mobile phones. Finally, the students' listening efficiency is still low. In my opinion, "sparse" is more important than "blocking". The key to solve this problem lies in improving students' consciousness and improving students' interest in learning. If students can consciously listen to lectures in class and do not leave behind, the effect must be more obvious than any signal shielding device.

Tang Li, Tianjin Normal University

Improve classroom interaction

The school compulsion to block mobile phone signals is intended to restrain students and improve teaching quality. But in fact, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are many alternatives to mobile phones as entertainment tools. College students do not listen carefully to lectures. The reasons behind them include the single way of assessment, the lack of advanced teaching methods, and the failure to arouse students' enthusiasm. Therefore, at the same time, the school should pay more attention to enhance the interaction of the classroom and let the students integrate into the classroom teaching in a real sense.

Wu Dongxiang, Nankai University

It is worth affirming to pay great attention to the discipline of teaching

In the past, the cell phone signal shield was used to prevent cheating during the exam. It was used to prevent the students from surfing the Internet during the course of the class. It was of positive significance to the quality of teaching. The results of the survey show that 80% students use the mobile phone online during the class. The school hopes to restrict the Internet behavior by means of the means, and also to a certain extent, to reduce students' dependence on the mobile phone and let the students listen carefully. However, we should also consider the switching time and scope of the signal shield, so as not to affect the normal use of mobile phone calls outside the classroom. The school is actively exploring new ways, and it is worth affirming the behavior of teaching discipline. It is believed that they will explore a truly effective way to promote the students' growth and progress.

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