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How to reduce the radiation of the mobile phone?

2018-07-05 15:38:48

Today's mobile phones, as the high-tech communication products in the information age, have entered various fields of people's work and life. However, the mobile phone has brought us many conveniences, and radiation has attracted much attention. Excessive cell phone radiation will bring various negative effects to the body. How can we minimize the radiation from mobile phones? Now I can teach you a little trick to reduce the radiation of your cell phone.

First, do not use a mobile phone as a jewellery

Many girls like to use a mobile phone as an ornament. But studies show that cell phones hang on the chest, which may have an impact on the heart and endocrine system. Even when the radiation is small, the electromagnetic radiation around the mobile phone will cause harm to the human body. People with cardiac insufficiency and arrhythmia should avoid hanging their cell phones on their chest.

Experts believe that electromagnetic radiation will affect the endocrine function, resulting in women's menstrual disorders, and also affect normal cell metabolism, causing metal ions such as potassium, calcium, sodium and other metal ions disorder in the body. Shielding devices are usually installed in mobile phones, which can reduce the harm of radiation to human body, and the shielding effectiveness of aluminum and lead heavy metal shielding devices is better. But beautiful women prefer small cell phones. The protection function of this kind of mobile phone may not be perfect enough. Therefore, it is best not to hang their cell phones on their chest.

Two, try not to put your cell phone in your pocket.

Scientists found that the number of sperm that men often carry and use mobile phones can be reduced by as much as 30%. Medical experts point out that if the cell phone is often hung in the waist or abdomen of the human body, the electromagnetic wave produced by the signal will be radiated to the sperm or egg in the human body, which may affect the user's reproductive function. Some people especially like to charge their mobile phones on the head of the bed. In fact, the power supply of the cell phone itself is an electromagnetic field, of course, it produces radiation to the human body. Therefore, the mobile phone users should try to keep the cell phone away from the waist and abdomen, and do not hang the phone on the waist or put it in the coat pocket. When the user is in the office, at home or in the car, it is best to put the cell phone aside. When you go out, you can put your cell phone in your bag. When you do not charge, you should place your cell phone 1-2 meters away from the body.

Three, as little as possible, as little as possible

People who use mobile phones should try to be brief and minimize the number of calls each time. If there is a longer time for a call, then stop in the middle and divide into two or three conversations. When you have a fever or sweating on the side of the head or face of your cell phone, you should stop talking immediately.

Four. Please do not close your ear immediately when you answer the phone

The maximum dose of microwave radiation is 5 seconds from the beginning of the call. Under the launching condition, the instantaneous microwave radiation intensity exceeds the daily exposure dose stipulated by the hygienic standard of microwave radiation in China. So when you dial your cell phone, you'd better connect it to your ears after 4-5 seconds. In addition, a headset can be used to reduce the radiation of the cell phone, and the hands-free earphones can be used to listen to the phone, so that more than 90% of the electromagnetic radiation released by the mobile phone can be avoided.

Five, the front face of the mobile phone toward the body, the back of the outside because the mobile phone electromagnetic wave is sent out of the back of the mobile phone, this way to carry the radiation line will be transmitted, not through the body transmission.

Six, turn left and right ears to pick up the phone, pay attention to changing the edges frequently when using the phone, for example, changing the right ear to the left ear. When the phone is called, the cell phone will be put in the ear after waiting for the answer, so that the time and intensity of electromagnetic radiation can also be reduced.

Seven, try to use earphone calls, suggest frequent use of mobile phones and long time telephone users, use headphones. The main influence of cell phone on the head radiation is near field radiation. When the mobile phone is away from the head 30cm, it will greatly attenuate the radiation to the head. Experiments show that under normal circumstances, the use of earphones is less than 100 times more than that of mobile phones. Especially for those who are sensitive to mobile phones, the use of headphones will eliminate the symptoms of users.

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