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Elevator solution

2018-07-05 15:41:40


There are many buildings (including residential quarters) indoor distribution system construction has been completed, but there will still be poor elevator interior signal quality. There are also some building structures open, only the elevator needs to cover, the traditional indoor distribution system investment, and the existence of coordinated construction, the need for transmission, and so on, become the bottleneck problem of optimization. It is easy to coordinate the construction of elevator type mobile phone, which is specially developed by space-based communication for elevator type. It can be installed and opened in 15 minutes to achieve good coverage.


At present, more than 30 thousand elevators have been successfully applied in China, and the coverage effect has been improved remarkably.


Ordinary office buildings, using elevator type mobile companion, can be installed and opened in 15 minutes to solve the problem of covering the elevator once and for all.

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